“Got my eyes, though they don’t see as far now”

I was driving down the road with a good friend of mine yesterday when she pointed out the beautiful sunset.  We were at a stoplight, so we got the chance to just sit there and admire it for a while.  It reminded me of a time a few years back when I actually shed tears because a sunset I saw was just that beautiful.  I turned to my friend and told her that story and said, “Are you ever just so thankful that you have the ability to witness moments like this?” she said of course and we got into a discussion about how truly fortunate we are, and how often we forget that.  The entire conversation sent me spiraling  into reflection about things I often take for granted, so here are the top 5 simple (but impactful) things I’m grateful for.

Number One: My eyes

Sight, something so important that we use every day, that we so often take for granted.  Every day I get to see my moms face, watch my favorite TV shows, read a menu at a new coffee shop, see a stranger smile at me, and see beautiful sunsets.  It is truly a privilege to have my sight and see the world (though without my contacts its a wee bit blurrier world) when others in the world can’t.  So today I am thankful for my eyes, even if they aren’t perfect.

Number two: Garbage Service

Hear me out on this one. Through my first job at a burn hospital, I came to learn that many people in rural areas don’t have a garbage system so they often have to burn their trash to get rid of it.  This is pertinent at a burn hospital because accidents often happen when an aerosol can gets thrown away and when trash gets burned it explodes. The men who head out at the crack of dawn to take my trash away is honestly never something I have been thankful for, but its a privilege to have and is something I will be thankful for the rest of my life.  Next time I pass them in the morning on my way to work I’ll make sure to thank them for the work they do (make sure to thank your trash servicemen as well, I bet its a thankless job)

Number three: My car

I recently had to complete a health care study on an at risk urban area.  It really made me upset that in many low income urban areas there is no health care resources near them.  The only way they can often reach the nearest one is by bus, and thats if they have the time to ride the bus (depending on the route, it could take hours) and the money to pay for a bus pass.  I had never been so thankful for my car.  If I need to be somewhere I have the means to reach my destination at my fingertips.  I will send a prayer of thanks up tonight for my ability to freely travel.

Number four: A job

I won’t lie, I don’t keep up with the rates of unemployment and how they have recently fluctuated.  However, I know enough to understand that many people are facing unemployment and struggling to make ends meet.  My job, even if its not perfect, is still a job and one that I’m lucky to have.  When I have to wake up early to go to work, I will remind myself it is a privilege to be able to have a job that pays me well so I can take care of myself.

Number five: Grocery stores

I have an abundance of food within walking distance to my house.  I hear people complain all the time about having to grocery shop (yes I get that sometimes it is a hassle and can be very expensive) but there are people starving or people who have to travel hours to the nearest place to buy food and water.  Even if you hate grocery shopping, I think it’s important to be thankful to have such a wonderful convenience! Its so much better than having to travel hours at a time for water!

So there are my top 5 blessings for this week! What are a couple of simple (but impactful) things you’re grateful for?

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